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    Beware BrickerBot, the IoT Killer

    IoT security (or the lack thereof) seems to pop up in the news a lot these days. Our Embedded Revolution reader survey and whitepaper highlights what developers think about this topic.

    BrickerBot is a vigilante worm that destroys insecure IoT devices

    A hacker called The Janitor has created multiple versions of a program called BrickerBot, a system that searches out and bricks insecure IoT devices. A researcher named Pascal Geenens has followed the worm for a few weeks and has seen it pop up and essentially destroy infected webcams and other IoT devices.

    BrickerBot bricked 2 million IoT devices, its author claims

    The author of BrickerBot, which “bricks” IoT devices by rewriting the flash storage space and wiping files, has emerged to explain that the malware first attempts to secure the units without damaging them.

    BrickerBot, the permanent denial-of-service botnet, is back with a vengeance

    New botnet squadrons wage fiercer, more intense attacks on unsecured IoT devices.

    DHS's ICS-CERT warns of BrickerBot: IoT malware that will brick vulnerable devices

    CS-CERT again warned to beware of BrickerBot, an IoT malware which will destroy vulnerable devices.

    Homeland Security warns of 'BrickerBot' malware that destroys unsecured internet-connected devices

    Reminiscent of the Mirai botnet that brought down large swathes of the US internet last year, this new malware targets poorly secured Internet of Things devices and renders them useless.

    1 in 5 millennials prefer government spying to partner snooping

    One in five millennials would rather the government snoop on their phones than their significant other, according to a new survey.