• Cisco Technology Partnership

    • Cisco Firepower 9300
      Cisco and its partners provide scalable, dynamic and threat-centric security to service providers and its customers.

    • Mitigating the DDoS Threat with Cisco Firepower NGFW
      Radware’s DDoS Mitigation solution for Cisco Firepower NGFW appliance helps service providers win the ongoing security battle against availability attacks by detecting and mitigating known and zero-day DoS/DDoS attacks in real-time.

    • vDirect Integrated with Cisco ACI
      Radware’s vDirect and Cisco’s ACI allows customers to benefit from the abstraction of complex application-delivery and security services configuration. It deploys ADC and security services in a fast, secure and highly-available manner.

    • Network Services in the SDN Data Center
      While interest about OpenFlow and SDN has increased throughout the tech media over the last year, it is not always clear what all the hype is about and what will inevitably be the role of networks as we know them today.

    Integrated Application Delivery and DDoS Protection with Cisco ACI
    Learn how to add application delivery and DDoS protection services into an ACI application profile - increasing data center agility without compromising application SLA.
    Protecting Your Data Center Against DDoS Attacks with Cisco Firepower
    Watch this video to get familiar with Radware DDoS mitigation module on Cisco Firepower NGFW. The video demonstrates how Firepower detects zero day network and application DDoS attacks in seconds and blocks them accurately without blocking legitimate user traffic.