• AppDirector - Features and Benefits

    End-to-End Business-Smart Networking

    Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection

    Stateful Persistency

    High Availability with Real-time Failure Bypassing

    Device Redundancy: Either Active-active or Active-passive

    Real-time Traffic Redirection

    Global Load Balancing
    Boosts Application Response Speeds by Up to 500%

    Accelerates Content Delivery

    Offloads CPU Intensive Tasks from Servers and Optimizes Use of IT Infrastructure

    Maximizes Bandwidth Usage

    Variety of Bandwidth Management and Traffic-shaping Capabilities
    Behavioral based real-time signature technology

    DoS Mitigation Engine (DME)

    Advanced Service Protection

    Stateful Access Control

    Security Regulatory Compliance
    Breakthrough Performance

    On-demand Throughput and Service Scalability

    Best Investment Protection

    Operations Simplicity

    Reduce ADC Manual Configuration in a Virtual Data Center