Radware announces interoperability with Cobalt Networks Caching products

Powerful, highly reliable, and inexpensive cache clusters designed to help level the playing field for small to medium ISP's and Websites.

Radware announced today that its Cache Server Director (CSD) is now interoperable with the CacheRaQ web caching appliances from Cobalt Networks. When configured as a cache cluster, the two families of products deliver powerful, scaleable and easy to use caching solutions. The combined products are designed to maximize the performance of small to medium size ISP's who want to optimize utilization of Internet access in a reliable, and best of all, highly affordable solution. The package provides unmatched performance at a third of the cost of high-end cache server management and load-balancing systems.

The Internet is expanding at an amazing rate and so is ISP and Website competition. It is imperative that ISP's, high volume Websites, and Internet Commerce Systems optimize use of their cache resources to greatly reduce delay in response time and wasted bandwidth which ultimately results in poor service and loss of unsatisfied clients to larger, better equipped providers. Web caching, a technique used to make the most efficient use of Wide area network bandwidth, normally involves a complex network and server configuration or use of additional specialized, and expensive caching devices.

Radware's announcement today demonstrates how network administrators can avoid these costly problems, and develop web-caching solutions that will optimize their bandwidth use and provide a reliable, scaleable solution at a very affordable price.

"Radware's Cache Server Director is a great fit for CacheRaQ clusters," said Stephen Dewitt, President and CEO of Cobalt Networks. "It is simple to setup and manage and provides immediate fail-over protection. Even better, it offers instant scalability- customers can actually increase performance and responsiveness just by connecting another CacheRaQ. We look forward to working with Radware to promote the combined solution."

"We benchmarked the combined CSD and CacheRaQ cluster solution, and found substantially better performance than with a stand-alone CacheRaQ cluster," said Roy Zisapel, President of Radware LTD. "We expected the CSD's ability to cache URL's would be more efficient, so the improved performance was no surprise. What will be surprising to ISP's is that the combined CSD and CacheRaQ configuration delivered the performance of clusters typically costing over three times as much."

The Cobalt CacheRaQ conserves bandwidth while providing faster web access to ISP's. It can be easily installed in 15 minutes and immediately begins to eliminate redundant web and FTP traffic while significantly increasing the Internet's responsiveness to local users. It can reduce bandwidth demand as much as 60 percent within hours. Radware's CSD eliminates the need to configure individual clients. It intercepts HTTP requests according to predefined parameters and redirects them to the CacheRaQ servers where the requested URL's have previously been stored. The CSD also provides full fault tolerance between CacheRaQ servers. The CSD will redirect all requests to another cache server providing users with uninterrupted access to the Internet should the cache server fail. The CSD also offers complete redundancy between CSD units, assuring no single point of failure. The combined features of Radware's CSD and Cobalt's CacheRaQ servers will provide small to medium ISP's and high volume Websites the power and reliability to compete on the Internet.

About Radware

Radware pioneered the field of IP load balancing with its 1997 introduction of the Web Server Director (WSD), Radware is the only company that offers a complete IP load balancing solution for all local or global applications. Radware Ltd. is a member of the $500 million dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware was established in 1997 to focus on load balancing technology following the success in that field of its parent company, RND Networks. Radware's award-winning products are already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and are employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide. Radware's products have on numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine Editor's Choice award; Network magazine's Product of the Year award; ZD Internet Lab's NetBest award; and Network Computing¹s Editor's Choice award. For more information, visit our Internet site at www.radware.com.

About Cobalt Networks Inc.

Cobalt Networks, Inc. is a leading developer of network communication and application solutions that set new standards for value and ease of use. Cobalt's families of products, including the award-winning Cobalt Qube and Cobalt RaQ server appliances, deliver simple and scaleable network server solutions for businesses, academic institutions, developers, and Internet Server Providers (ISPs). Cobalt's solutions are delivered through a global network of distributors, value-added resellers (VARs) and ISPs, and can also be ordered directly from the Cobalt web site. Founded in 1996 and based in Mountain View, California, Cobalt Networks, Inc. is a privately held company with offices in the United States, Europe and Japan. Contact Cobalt by calling (650) 930-2500 or by visiting the Cobalt web site at www.cobaltnet.com.