E-Businesses That Rely on 100% Up-time Incorporate Radware into Their Network Solution

Radware (Nasdaq: RDWR), today announced that leading e-commerce companies, Hotbar.com, iBelong, and iMesh, are using its Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions, which provide continuous access to Web sites, IP applications and content. Hotbar.com, iBelong and iMesh have also selected Exodus Communications™ Inc. (Nasdq: EXDS), to provide Internet hosting services. These companies are using Radware’s ITM solutions in a hosted environment to help provide continuous Web access and the online certainty necessary to thrive in today’s Internet driven economy.

“Radware specializes in providing Internet-based companies, no matter how large or small, the high availability, redundancy, and fault tolerance they need to meet customer needs 24x7,” said Mike Long, VP of marketing and technology for Radware Inc. “By choosing Exodus® to provide Internet hosting services, these customers have taken the first step in creating a successful business online. We are pleased to provide Internet Traffic Management for Hotbar.com, iBelong and iMesh as part of an integrated hosted solution.”

“As part of the Exodus Alliance community, Radware works with Exodus to provide customers with Internet Traffic Management solutions that complement Exodus’ sophisticated Internet hosting services,” said Chris Arisian, VP, worldwide alliances for Exodus. “Together, Exodus and Radware provide services to help ensure availability, reliability and scalability for customers’ mission-critical Internet operations.”

Radware’s intelligent traffic management devices distribute traffic locally and globally while taking into consideration server health and load. These smart load balancing devices intercept user requests and route them to the most available Web server in the network, providing consumers with fast and hassle-free access to their favorite sites.

Hotbar.com (www.hotbar.com) uses two Web Server Director (WSD) Pro+ units for load balancing and redundancy in a network that has grown from 15 to 40 servers since the company began in December 1999. Hotbar.com is the first and only company to enhance the appearance of the Web browser without altering its functionality in any way. The company offers users free images ranging from landscapes and seascapes to rock bands and rocket ships and recently added over 15,000 new images to choose from.

iBelong, Inc. (www.ibelong.com), develops and manages customized portals for non-profit and commercial membership groups. Its proprietary technology allows group members to personalize their portal so they can receive group-centric information, as well as current news, financial data, local weather, and a variety of other services. Since January, iBelong has launched new portals at a rate of two to three per week, and now manages 61 such portals. Together, these portals have the capacity to reach an audience of millions. iBelong uses multiple WSD-Pro+ units to ensure uninterrupted service to its audience.

iMesh (www.imesh.com) also uses Radware’s WSD-Pro+ to keep its site up and running 24x7. iMesh makes it possible for users to find their favorite content on the net without using a traditional search engine. Instead, iMesh connects the user with millions of other Internet users, one of whom just might have exactly what he’s looking for. Like a traditional search engine, however, site downtime is not permissible. Radware’s high availability, fault tolerant solution alleviates any Web traffic uncertainties.

About Radware

Radware develops, manufacturers and markets products that manage and direct Internet traffic among network resources to enable continuous access to Web sites and services, applications, and content based on the Internet protocol. Radware offers a broad range of Internet traffic management solutions to service providers, e-commerce businesses and corporate enterprises that require uninterrupted availability and optimal performance of IP-based applications that are critical to their business. Radware’s Internet traffic management solutions enable its customers to manage their network infrastructure to bypass system failures and to scale their network infrastructure to accommodate increasing IP traffic. Radware’s products improve the productivity of network infrastructure by distributing traffic within a network to optimize the use of available network resources. Radware’s products can be deployed either as independent solutions to address specific application needs at a particular location within a network or as an end-to-end integrated solution to manage traffic throughout a network.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from these forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, general business conditions in the Internet traffic management industry, changes in demand for Internet traffic management products, the timing and amount or cancellation of orders and other risks detailed from time to time in Radware's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Radware's Form F-1.