• Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning Capabilities

    Complete Reporting, Logging and Forensics

    APSolute Vision provides comprehensive solution for Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAMP) including management, metering, traffic statistics and reporting for carrier operations, whether deployed in a centralized location or in multiple dispersed sites. Top applications and bandwidth consumption provide insight into P2P and other uncontrolled traffic. Traffic patterns and metering information can be collected by policy, including customer, time of day, service or content. With APSolute Vision, service providers can utilize traffic information to plan network resources or export utilization information for carrier operations and accounting systems.

    Solution Management, Visibility and Reporting with APSolute Vision

    By utilizing Radware's ADC-VX™, the industry's first ADC hypervisor enabling ADC consolidation, Radware carrier platforms transform the mobile data center into cloud-based services. Radware's virtualized platforms deliver complete fault isolation for maximal operational predictability per service instance, while cost-effectively scaling to support more users, connections and VAS. 

    Radware carrier platforms deliver the carrier-grade reliability required by the most demanding mobile carrier application environments. It features reliable, custom-made hardware coupled with embedded components providing high MTBF with redundant AC/DC load sharing, hot-swappable power supplies and redundant hot-swappable fan trays. It is NEBS 3 ready, complies with the strictest regulations, and is certified by the most up-to-date hardware and networking standards.

    By embracing Radware's OnDemand approach, Radware carrier solutions enable mobile and wire-line operators to pay for the exact capacity currently required by their network, which prevents over-spending on the initial solution. Additional processing blades, throughput capacity, acceleration capabilities, application-aware services and vADC instances can be added on demand to meet new business requirements — with no forklift upgrade of the device and no restart. The OnDemand approach enables carriers to overcome capacity planning challenges and reduces the risk associated with data center growth for best investment protection and greater CAPEX/OPEX reduction as capacity and services can be added when needed.