• SIP/IMS Delivery

    SIP Service Delivery Guaranteed

    Radware's SIP Director guarantees Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) service delivery. SIP Director is a comprehensive SIP Application Delivery Controller (ADC) for SIP value-added application vendors, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and System Integrators (SIs). SIP Director is designed to work with a wide range of applications across all IMS network layers from the Service Plane through the Control and Signaling Plane to the Transport Plane. SIP Director is also optimized for pre-IMS networks and entities including softswitches and SBCs.

    Radware's VoIP/SIP ADC solution delivers the intelligence needed to address the VoIP/SIP service delivery requirements of carriers and operators deploying today's VoIP services. Radware's solution for VoIP/SIP service continuity and optimization provides:

    • High availability through local and global clustering, health monitoring and optimal call completion
    • Scalability through unlimited call capacity, traffic acceleration and performance optimization
    • Enhanced interoperability through transport and protocol conversion and mitigation
    • Unmatched flexibility through an easy to use configuration with no scripting or coding required
    • Integration & operation simplicity by functioning as a SIP Proxy
    • Security providing user and network protection and privacy enablement
    • Reduced time-to-market through out-of-the-box carrier grade compliance enablement

    The business benefits include

    • Service continuity, enhanced user experience and server optimization across all network layers including Service Plane, IMS and pre-IMS core network implementations as well as border elements
    • Significant OPEX/CAPEX savings due to core and back-office design simplification and optimized resource and server allocation
    • SIP service security through a signature-based Intrusion Protection System (IPS) and behavioral anomaly detection for flood mitigation

    Radware's SIP/IMS Delivery solution is designed for the following target applications and segments

    Below is an example of how SIP Director is deployed in an IMS network.