• Virtualization Related Products


    ADC-VX™ is the industry's first application delivery controller (ADC) hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on a dedicated ADC hardware, Radware's OnDemand Switch platforms.


    Alteon is an application delivery controller (ADC) solution that provides advanced, end-to-end local/global load balancing capabilities for all web, cloud and mobile based applications.

    Alteon VA

    Alteon Virtual Appliance(VA) is a fully-featured Alteon Application Switch packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure, providing identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC devices.

    Alteon VA for NFV

    Alteon VA for NFV is the next generation Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV environments, delivering a scalable, ultra high capacity of up to 160Gbps per instance and multi Tbps in a multi-instance deployment.


    Radware's vDirect™ plug-in is the industry's first ADC management orchestration plug-in, designed specifically for virtual data centers.