Radware Integration Enables Cisco Customers to Fight Security Fire with Firepower

Zeus Kerravala is founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, and is a featured guest blogger.

The topic of cyber security is always near the top of any business or IT leaders’ priority list.  In my years as an analyst and prior to that, an IT leader, I’ve never seen more focus on security than I do today.  Over the past few years we have seen a rash of high profile breaches in organizations like banks, Ashley Madison, the Office of Personnel Management, and Target.  These organizations spend tens of millions of dollars trying to protect their organization, yet they fail.  This leaves the other millions of companies out there scratching their heads and wondering how they can protect themselves if the biggest of the big cannot.

Compounding the problem is that IT itself has changed more in the past five years than in the previous 30 years.  Workloads and applications are moving to the cloud, we have wireless access everywhere in an organization, and workers are bringing consumer devices into the organization.  A static IT environment is difficult to protect but one that is constantly changing is nearly impossible to.  Earlier this year I penned a blog on Network World  discussing why cyber security needs to become adaptive and simple.  IT is fighting the good fight but cannot fight a constantly changing dynamic environment with static security tools.  It’s time for security to change.

Solving the security challenge has never been more difficult or more necessary.  For Cisco customers, there is some help out there today.

Typically, security professionals are tasked with trying to secure their network by cobbling together a bunch of point solutions from different vendors.  In fact, ZK Research interviews have revealed that many large organizations have over 30 different security vendors in their environment!  How could any CSO feel good knowing that 30 solutions have to work together to protect their business?

Cisco has been extremely aggressive in simplifying security for its customers by providing an open, flexible framework that third party vendors can integrate into.  Cisco recently introduced the Firepower 9300 – a scalable, carrier-grade security platform designed for service providers and large enterprises that require security services that are both low latency and high throughput.

Firepower is loaded with security features and includes Cisco’s ASA stateful firewall, VPN, threat defense comprising of malware protection, a next generation IPS and URL filtering.  For DDoS mitigation, Cisco chose to partner with best of breed vendor, Radware.  The Radware DDoS Mitigation module gives Cisco customer’s robust attack mitigation capabilities.  The stateless solution from Radware is deployed at the link entrance, which removes abnormal or excessive attack traffic and then forwards the traffic to Cisco ASA firewall, SourceFire IPS and other security modules.

The integrated solutions greatly simplify security for Cisco customers.  There are literally hundreds of point product solutions in the security industry today.  This is the reason why large enterprises are forced to deploy so many products from so many vendors.  The integration of Radware DDOS Mitigation module into the Cisco Firepower 9300 is a relatively new approach in in the security industry.  It can simplify deployment with a single platform without having to compromise on performance as many “all in one” solutions do.

Security professionals have the right platform to start gaining ground back on the cyber criminals.  Attacks today are dynamic, constantly changing and improving, and the combination of Radware and Cisco gives customers an equally dynamic and agile security platform.  The combination of Radware and Cisco enables customers to fight the security Fire with FirePower.

Zeus Kerravala

Zeus Kerravala is founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, and is a featured guest blogger.

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