Application Security

The ability of one or more protection technologies to monitor the performance of network applications in order to prevent potentially harmful traffic from accessing and causing damage to software functionality. This practice can also be utilized within business networks to maintain stability across multiple application access locations and provide for the safekeeping of business-sensitive information.

Application security is one of the most vital components in maintaining a healthy business application delivery network. This protection method can be comprised of a number of software packages, such as firewalls or anti-virus software, as well as regular network practices like system analysis. With the proper security measures in place, organizations are able to carefully monitor application access and usage as it occurs. This real-time monitoring environment allows for accelerated analysis and identification of application performance degradation, delivery path bottlenecks and possible malicious traffic. This increased application performance monitoring visibility can give businesses the ability to isolate potential threats anywhere in a network and address them as quickly as possible, resulting in negligible operational impact. Application security is also widely used by national and global businesses to sustain the efficiency of the large networks utilized to access applications and information from multiple locations.