Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

A preemptive IT strategy providing a business network and the data centers that support it with redundant paths and immediate fail-over in the event of an unforeseen network connectivity disaster. Such preventative tactics can help prevent network down-time and increase the durability of a company's underlying IT infrastructure.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning is an optimal way for organizations to handle potential network availability problems before they occur. This is especially true for companies that use IP-based wide area networks (WANs). Because access to business-critical data and applications is such a vital component of many organizations productivity, being prepared to effectively handle disasters should they happen is key to maintaining business continuity. Businesses that provide redundant paths, fail-overs and other back-up methods to their data centers have taken the appropriate measures to make certain that those in need of accessing their network locally, from branch offices or from mobile devices will have the ability to do so. With business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in place, companies can offer continued inbound and outbound access to business-critical information and applications, resulting in efficient application response times and no loss of transactions.