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      Frustrated or Engaged?

      New Research! The Impact of Network Speed on Emotional Engagement and Brand Perception

  • Slow pages hurt mobile user metrics—from bounce rate to online revenues to long-term user retention. To understand the science behind this we engaged in the first documented study of the emotional and neurological impact of poor performance on mobile users.

    The study used electroencephalography (EEG) and eyetracking technology to monitor brain wave activity and eye movements in a group of mobile users who were asked to perform a series of online transactions via mobile devices. This research revealed long-term effects "web stress" has on brand perception and business metrics.

    Read this report to understand:

    At which point participants are more vulnerable or less vulnerable to the impact of poor performance

    Peak stress moments for mobile users throughout the transaction process

    Hard data that you can use to make a case for investing in mobile performance in your organization

    How and where to focus optimization efforts and investment

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