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      Slow Mobile Pages.
      Serious Business Impact.

      New Research! State of the Union: Mobile Ecommerce Performance

  • Mobile devices have surged to the forefront of Internet use with 58% of all US consumers owning a smartphone. With mobile usage higher than ever, slow pages are the number one complaint of smartphone users with 85% expecting pages to load as fast as, or faster than, they load on a desktop. Slow performance is a significant abandonment factor and can have a serious business impact on leading mobile sites.

    This report provides a snapshot of the current mobile performance landscape, as well as best practices site owners need to adopt in order to optimize the experience for customers.

    Three external challenges that are causing pages to load too slow and failing user’s expectations

    Discover why 35% of mobile users choose the full site when given the option

    Nine universal tips for designing a mobile-friendly site for all platforms

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