Radware Acquires Security Company Seculert

Radware announced today that it acquired cloud-based security company Seculert to enhance its attack mitigation system. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Radware’s mitigation system was built to protect data centers running on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. “More and more we are seeing that the perimeter is disappearing, and there is a need to protect the data itself, says David Aviv, Radware CTO.

Up until this point Radware’s entire mitigation system has existed on the front lines of the data center. Seculert will allow it to go much deeper — specifically into the analytics of what is happening behind the scenes, Aviv says.

Using Seculert’s technology, Radware will build what Aviv calls a “virtual data perimeter,” containing users’ critical assets, information, and data. Using machine learning, users will be able to detect and analyze many anomalies happening behind the scenes, allowing them to create and enforce policies based on those anomalies.

“This will allow us to move from being able to detect the landscape of attack, to threat analysis,” Aviv says. One or a few anomalies may not be harmful, but being able to identify many while identifying trends and establishing policies in a virtual perimeter is key for avoiding long-term or stealthy threats, he claims.

Seculert was founded in 2010, and Radware did not disclose how many employees the Israeli-based company has. The deal officially closed yesterday, Aviv says.

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