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Easing Web Jams with Distributed Servers

By Amy Rogers It's just what many Web sites and Web server based applications need traffic signals and detours. While network managers are harnessing Internet technology at a breakneck pace, the expansion is resulting in an unprecedented volume of Web

Web Server Director Keeps Intersections Clear

By Robert J. Kohlhepp Internet server traffic jam got you down? Well, you might not have to invest in the biggest, baddest Web server this side of the Mississippi for relief. Instead, try a Web server farm with a front

Device Boosts Internet Speeds

9 00 AM ET Radware Inc. has introduced a new member of its Web Server Director family of IP load balancing devices that promises to speed Internet or intranet traffic by 250 times over previous versions. WSD Pro+, unveiled last

FBI Warns Of Syrian Electronic Army Hacking Threat

The FBI Cyber Division has issued an alert to media outlets to beware compromise by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), and urged them to report any suspicious network traffic or behavior to the bureau.

How Secure Is IPv6?

We recently looked at the Internet’s emerging addressing system, IPv6, along with some of the differences and benefits it offers compared to the traditional IPv4 Internet Layer protocol. One area we didn’t touch on, though, was security

Radware Launches Business-Smart Network with Covelight Acquisition

Acquisition of Covelight Systems Adds Real-Time, Business Event Intelligence to Application Delivery Suite, Allowing Companies to Immediately Link IT Infrastructure with Business Requirements for Revenue Growth and Compliance TEL AVIV, ISRAEL; April 30, 2007 Investor Contact   Media Contact  

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