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Equifax Hackers Exploited Months-Old Flaw

Equifax announced late Wednesday that the source of the hole in its defenses that enabled hackers to plunder its databases was a massive server bug first revealed in March.

What’s The Future Of IoT Security?

As we become increasingly dependent on smart technology and the internet of things, IoT security is becoming a very hot topic. In the past, the average person wasn’t all that fearful of computer viruses because they couldn’t lead to any physical harm. Unfortunately, the IoT has completely changed that paradigm. Today with our smart homes and smart cars specifically, computer viruses and malware have the potential to cause serious physical harm.

Need Ca$h? Sell Managed Security Services!

Managed security services are not only in demand right now, by businesses large and small, they also represent a way to boost revenue immediately and establish profit margins of 70% or higher, according to a new study from Heavy Reading.

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future of APIs?

APIs or application program interfaces are a collection of tools that programmers use when developing computer software. Specifically, the API is what allows the different programs and hardware components in a computer to interact. In years past, developers interacted with their API strictly through the keyboard and a set of commands (which can be thought of as its own language).

Cyberattack Hits Ukraine Then Spreads Internationally

Computer systems from Ukraine to the United States were struck on Tuesday in an international cyberattack that was similar to a recent assault that crippled tens of thousands of machines worldwide.

Massive ransomware attack hits Europe

A massive cyberattack appears to have hit Europe, touching a number of countries, companies and public domains.

Search on for source of cyberattack that crippled systems in Europe, U.S.

The source of a crippling cyberattack Tuesday that disabled automated systems in governments, banks, grocery stores, an airport and more throughout Europe and the U.S. is still a mystery as several experts singled out a Ukrainian accounting software as the culprit.

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