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Facebook defends encryption, says it is countering terrorism using AI

Aware that terrorists take advantage of social media to spread propaganda, Facebook on Thursday divulged some of its methods for combating the problem, including recent efforts to employ machine learning to automatically identify objectionable content.

57% of executives trust AI security systems 'as much or more than' humans

Adoption of artificial intelligence for security automation is reaching critical mass, according to a new Radware report, with 81% of executives now relying more heavily on AI solutions.

By the Numbers: Parsing the Cybersecurity Challenge

Why your CEO should rethink company security priorities in the drive for digital business growth.

Reaching a Tipping Point: Majority of Execs Embrace AI, Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for security may be soon reaching a tipping point: In a global survey of C-suite executives, Radware found that about four in five (81%) reported having already or recently implemented more reliance on automated solutions.

Your Car Could Be the Next Ransomware Target

Cybersecurity experts say there are plenty of vulnerabilities for enterprising ransom-seeking hackers, unless automakers act.

Next Steps for ITOA - Part 5

APMdigest asked experts across the industry — including analysts, consultants and vendors — for their opinions on the next steps for ITOA. These next steps include where the experts believe ITOA is headed, as well as where they think it should be headed. Part 5 offers some interesting final thoughts.

Outsourcing security: Would you turn over the keys to a third party?

Years ago it would have been unthinkable to give up control to securing your most valuable assets. But for some companies the risk of handing the security keys to a third party is less than the idea of facing the daily barrage of attacks.

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