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8 ways to manage an internet or security crisis

IT, communications and security experts share tips on what to do when your business is hit with an IT-related disaster, such as a cyberattack, an ecommerce site crash or a software failure.

Add industrial robots to the list of internet-connected devices vulnerable to hackers

If you thought getting your smart, internet-connected TV hacked was bad, wait until a production line of big robots gets hacked.

Virtual Case Notes: BrickerBot—Destroying Your Devices for The Good of The Internet

Cybercriminals hack and infect the devices of others for a wide variety of reasons—for attention, for amusement, for monetary gain, etc. But what if a hacker not only hacked and infected your devices, but completely destroyed them—and then claimed it was for your own good?

There's a big Google Docs email scam going around. Here's what to do if you received it.

Many people — namely individuals in media — are reporting that they've received emails that appear to be sent from someone they know, addressed to "" with a link to a Google Doc and the recipients blocked, according to Motherboard. If you received a similar suspicious email, someone you know has been been phished, my friend!

A mysterious botnet has hijacked 300,000 devices, but nobody knows why

Researchers know what the botnet is capable of — but they don't seem to know what it'll actually do.

A vigilante is putting a huge amount of work into infecting IoT devices

When it comes to features and robustness, Hajime surpasses its blackhat rivals.

Beware BrickerBot, the IoT Killer

IoT security (or the lack thereof) seems to pop up in the news a lot these days. Our Embedded Revolution reader survey and whitepaper highlights what developers think about this topic.

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