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Radware Discovers BrickerBot, a New Permanent DoS Botnet

Cybersecurity firm Radware has discovered a new Permanent Denial-of-Service (PDos) botnet, designed to render the victim’s hardware useless. Also known as “phlashing,” a PDoS attack can damage a system so badly that it requires replacement or reinstallation of hardware, the company said.

Report: Criminals find profit rates of up to 95 percent with DDoS attacks

The emergence of the DDoS-as-a-service industry has lowered the costs for attacks to $25 or less, allowing criminals with no technical expertise to reach profit margins of up to 95 percent, according to a report released last week.

Radware Floats Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Like today's craftier attackers, Radware's new offering takes a targeted approach to blocking DDoS attacks on AWS and Azure applications.

How the cloud can improve your customer engagement

Many discussions about the cloud center around the direct benefits businesses gain by using it, elements that are mostly hidden from consumers. There’s a good reason for that – the cloud offers a number of improvements when compared to local hosting – but only considering internally visible advantages means missing out on the bigger picture.

Why we should define our right to privacy now, before it’s too late

The debate has stirred up again. Talk of wiretapping and government spying has spurred another bout of privacy versus security. Internet of Things (IoT) devices have raised suspicion that strangers are listening to us or watching us using everything from TVs to toys.

Arranging a black market DDoS attack can cost as little as $7 per hour

It’s a tough business opportunity for nefarious actors to pass up. Cybercriminals launching DDoS attacks average a profit of around $18 per hour, Kaspersky found, while the company targeted can lose thousands — or even millions — of dollars.

Three-quarters of organizations not confident in dealing with SSL-based attacks

Despite 39 percent of businesses suffering an SSL-based attack in 2016, only 25 percent feel confident in their ability to deal with one according to a new study.

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