The Public Cloud Leads to New Threat Surfaces

Running in the cloud means losing visibility & control.

Public cloud environments offer many benefits, but also pose significant security risks. 59% say their data is less secure in the public cloud.
For workloads hosted in the public cloud, access is "remote," leaving infrastructure directly exposed.
As a result, cloud applications are exposed across multiple threat surfaces, and must protect them all.
Therefore, comprehensive cross-cloud, multi-vector defense is critical for cloud applications.


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Why Radware?

Radware provides 360-degree application protection for both the application surface and the cloud infrastructure.

Radware uniquely provides north/south protection against malicious access, as well as east/west protection against lateral expansion within the network. Indeed, we are the only security provider to cover ALL attack surfaces.

Cross-Cloud Visibility

Risk-based visibility across clouds in a single dashboard

Application Context

Connecting alerts and feeds from different products and sources

Behavioral Technology

Behavioral and machine-learning adapt security to user behavior

Flexible Deployment

Multiple deployment options for any type of environment or architecture

Application Hacking
L3-7 DDoS
API Abuse
Bad Bots
Credential Abuse
Privilege Escalation
Publicly Exposed Assets
Radware's Cloud Workload Protection provides us with the single pane of glass to manage permissions and workloads that we were looking for. Being concerned about misconfigurations and potential risks associated with unaudited accounts has become a thing of the past. It's fortified our cloud-based network."
- Shay Reshef
Director of Security, SundaySky