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Alteon – The Industry’s Only ADC That Delivers Full Application SLA Assurance

Download a whitepaper on Alteon, Radware’s application delivery solution, the industry’s only ADC that delivers full application SLA assurance.

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Traveltainment’s success relies on high availability of its website. Service disruptions or data breaches result in profit loss, customer dissatisfaction and reputation damage. Traveltainment deployed Radware’s product suite, including on-premise DefensePro for DDoS attack prevention and mitigation and Alteon for application delivery and Layer 4–7 load balancing.

To ensure 100% business continuity for its customers in the Italian utitly sector, CSEA identified a series of cyber security and application load balancing infrastructure improvements that needed to be made, and turned to Radware for the solution.

Convergys needed a streamlined process to load balance over one million voice calls per day across multiple recording servers for its large enterprise call recording system.

Bluport Commerce used Alteon NG to maintain its agility and minimize infrastructure costs by creating multiple vADC instances that each drive a different web application environment.

Tiscali delivered fast, cost-effective and risk free services to businesses across 15 European countries. The solution not only met Tiscali’s technical requirements, but reduced operational cost and risk as the company continues to grow its business. 

As an IaaS provider, Brinkster needed a load balancing solution for web, cloud and mobile based applications. With Alteon NG, Brinkster was able to maintain business reputation, profitability, and productivity by ensuring 24/7 service availability to customer's applicaitons and sites.

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