• Attack Mitigation Service - Always-On, Hybrid DDoS Protection Service

  • What is Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service?

    Radware's Attack Mitigation Service integrates on-premises detection & mitigation with and 24x7 support. The service can be extended to cover Web-Application Security and SSL-based attack mitigation, thus providing a robust end-to-end protection solution against multi-vector network and application attacks, and reducing TCO by eliminating the need to allocate resources to dedicated, point solutions.

    Radware’s Hybrid Attack Mitigation Solution

    Are you tired of fighting prolonged attack campaigns? Can your organization withstand today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks? With the threat of reduced revenues, higher expenses and damaged reputations, organizations need Radware’s hybrid attack mitigation solution that integrates real time WAF, SSL protection and DDoS protection on-premise with a cloud service that is activated on-demand.

  • Attack Mitigation Service Benefits


    Always-On, Real-time DDoS Protection

    Integrating Radware's on-premise, real-time DDoS protection device, DefensePro, with Radware's Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service for volumetric attack protection.

    Single Point of Contact for DDoS Attack Mitigation

    24x7 monitoring and blocking of DDoS attacks provided by Radware's battle-proven Emergency Response Team (ERT). The ERT provides the required expertise during prolonged, complex attacks and helps restoring the operation via quick mitigation.

    360° Visibility and Reporting

    Active monitoring and health checks on the protected service or application, as well as pipe saturation monitoring to notify the customer imminently when an action is required. Retrospective attack analysis reports (automatically mitigated or invoked) are available on a web-based service portal.

  • Radware was one of the first, and is one of few security companies to offer both an on-premises product and a cloud-based service for DDoS mitigation”

    - Chris Rodriguez
    Senior Industry Analyst, Network Security, Frost & Sullivan

    Read the Frost & Sullivan Best Practice research
  • Peace of Mind with a Fully Managed Service

    Comes with ERT Premium – an extended set of services that includes:

    On-premises device configuration and management

    Real-time attack mitigation with direct “hot-line” access to the ERT

    Network statistics and attacks' situational awareness available on an online portal

    ERT post attack forensic analysis and recommendations

    Fully dedicated and proactive technical account manager

  • What Makes Our DDoS Mitigation Service Better?

    End-to-end service and protection

    Worry-free hybrid DDoS protection solution leaving the ownership, monitoring and mitigation with Radware.

    Widest security coverage

    Including multi-vector attack detection and mitigation, handling attacks at the network layer, server-based attacks, malware propagation and intrusion activities.

    Minimal time to mitigate

    Mitigation starting on-premises in real time and no protection gap when traffic is diverted to the cloud.

  • Highest protection accuracy

    Behavioral based detection to protect legitimate traffic and real-time signature creation for zero-day attack protection

    24x7 Single point of contact

    Extensive managed services by Radware's application and network security experts

    Seamless integration with WAF and SSL

    Unified solution with a single pane of glass

    Flexible OPEX

    Based DDoS attack mitigation subscription

  • Featured Resources

    Brochure: Attack Mitigation Service
    Radware’s hybrid Attack Mitigation Service combines the requisite technologies for making your business resilient to cyber-attacks with immediate always-on protection, based on on-premises systems, and the ability to scale on demand, based on a cloud based scrubbing center.
    Brochure: Radware ERT
    Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of security experts that provide customers with 24x7 proactive security support services facing DDoS attacks or malware outbreaks. This brochure provides an overview of the ERT’s security and operational support services.