• DDoS Mitigation Service & Mitigating DDoS Attacks With Attack Mitigation Service (AMS)

    What Does DDoS Attack Mitigation Service Do?

    Organizations are challenged by an evolving threat landscape resulting in reduced revenues, higher expenses, and damaged reputations. The number and complexity of cyber-attacks such as DDoS is continuously increasing.

    Radware's DDoS mitigation service, Attack Mitigation Service (AMS), combines the requisite DDoS mitigation technologies to help organizations with mitigating DDoS attacks making your business resilient to cyber-attacks. It integrates on premise detection and DDoS mitigation with cloud-based volumetric attack scrubbing and is offered with a simple subscription pricing model.

    Always-On DDoS Protection

    DefensePro, Radware's on premise defense component, ensures that the datacenter is constantly protected by providing accurate real-time detection and DDoS mitigation of multi-vector DDoS attacks, which is not possible using only a cloud based DDoS mitigation solution.

    Integrated Hybrid DDoS Mitigation

    Traffic is diverted to Hybrid Cloud DDoS Protection Service, Radware's cloud-based scrubbing center, during volumetric DDoS attacks when the enterprise's Internet pipe is about to saturate. This enables smooth transition between DDoS mitigation options assuring immediate DDoS protection with no disruption gaps or adding to scrubbing center latency.

    Includes ERT for DDoS Mitigation

    Our DDoS mitigation service, Attack Mitigation Service (AMS), includes Emergency Response Team (ERT) includes 24x7 Emergency Response Team (ERT) support for hands-on DDoS mitigation assistance. The ERT provides expertise needed during prolonged, multi-vector attacks and helps with mitigating the DDoS attacks. The ERT's DDoS mitigation experience comes in handy when fighting the most widely known attacks in the industry provides and they provide best practice approaches to fight each and every DDoS attack.

    DDoS Mitigation Analyzation & Reporting

    DDoS Mitigation Service includes active monitoring and health-checks on the protected service or application, pipe saturation monitoring and customer notification pre saturation. After mitigating DDoS attacks the reports of all DDoS attacks mitigated are available on a web-based service portal. When Radware's ERT is involved in mitigating DDoS attacks, a full post attack analysis report is provided.

    What Makes Our DDoS Mitigation Service Better?

    Attack Mitigation Service provides the most comprehensive DDoS mitigation coverage against multiple attack types, with a single point of contact delivering equipment and service.

    A hybrid DDoS mitigation service guarantees that traffic is diverted to the scrubbing center only when the enterprise's Internet pipe is about to saturate. It clears attack traffic before it reaches the company's Internet pipe, protecting against downtime and service degradation.