DDoS Attack Mitigation and Defense Provided by our Emergency Response Team

What Does the Emergency Response Team Do?

The Radware Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a group of security experts that provides 24x7 support and mitigation services for customers facing a broad array of application- and network-layer DDoS attacks. The ERT features experienced security engineers that provide immediate assistance and specialized mitigation techniques for organizations facing denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks or malware outbreaks. The ERT compliments an organization’s ability to deal with cyber-attacks by leveraging both security expertise and real-time threat intelligence services.

The team engages in mitigating a broad array of security events, including malware outbreaks, application exploits, DDoS attacks and DoS attacks. Radware’s ERT security analysts and engineers combat common and emerging attacks on a daily basis, providing customers with industry-leading expertise, best practices and a deep knowledge of threats, attack tools, intelligence and mitigation technologies. The ERT provides the required expertise and service during prolonged, complex attacks and helps to quickly restore the operation by mitigating DDoS attacks fast.

Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service: Evolving Threats and How Best to Stay Protected

Radware integrates on-premise detection and DDoS attack mitigation with 24x7 support. This hybrid DDoS mitigation service can be extended to cover web application security and SSL-based attack mitigation, thus providing a robust end-to-end protection service against multivector network and application attacks and reducing total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to allocate resources to dedicated DDoS attack mitigation and other point solutions.

Preparing for “common” DDoS attacks is no longer enough. With the growing online availability of DDoS attack tools the pool of possible attacks is larger than ever. Learn about today’s evolving and dynamic threats and see how Radware’s DDoS Attack Mitigation Service combines all the necessary protections for making organizations resilient to cyberattacks with a single-vendor, hybrid solution.

The ERT greatly enhances the customer experience, as many businesses lack the ability, time, or experience necessary to identify and mitigate DDoS threats quickly."

- Frost & Sullivan

What Makes the Emergency Response Team Better?

Other vendors' "emergency response" DDoS attack mitigation services only offer the ability to go directly to a self-service knowledge portal for information gathering and potential resolution. There is no immediate, proactive, hands-on participation by security and product experts to mitigate the active DDoS threat or attack. Other market DDoS services only offer pre-installation or infrastructure design professional services.

Single Point of Contact for DDoS Attack Mitigation

24x7 monitoring service and blocking of prolonged, complex attacks that help restore the operation quickly by mitigating DDoS attacks fast.

360 Visibility and Reporting

Active monitoring and health checks on the protected service or application, as well as pipe saturation monitoring to notify the customer imminently when an action is required.

End-to-end Service and Protection

Worry-free hybrid DDoS protection solution leaving the ownership, monitoring and mitigation with Radware.

The Radware ERT Provides

Fastest DDoS Attack Mitigation

Fastest to detect, respond and resolve. Radware’s ERT maintains a 10-minute SLA to provide organizations under a DDoS attack immediate access to security experts

Fully Managed Service

Installation, tunings, management, consulting and immediate attack mitigation for network and application security, by experienced professionals

Preemptive Threat Intelligence

Actionable real-time data for immediate protection against active suspicious IPs. Access to Radware’s Threat Research Center’s alerts, advisories and attack reports

Security Update Service

Continuous protection from most recent known attack tools and vulnerabilities - ongoing signature files, rapid response to high impact security events and development and distribution of custom filters

Technical Account Management

Fully dedicated and proactive cyber consultant who is the service contact for configuration, integration, upgrades and DDoS attack mitigation

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