InFlight – Monitoring Appliance and Data Theft Protection Device

What Does Inflight Monitoring Appliance Do?

Implement InFlight for real-time data theft protection and intelligence from your network and your ability to identify business events or security threats embedded in web transactions will instantly improve. It is an out-of-path, network-based pervasive monitoring appliance that captures all user transactions from 'in-flight' network traffic and delivers real-time intelligence for business applications.

InFlight monitoring appliance, a core part of Radware's next generation Attack Mitigation System (AMS) is an anti-scraping, data theft protection device that includes a unique combination of several tools for transforming raw Internet traffic to meaningful business intelligence including:

A Powerful User Programmable Parser

Inflight's programmable parser is capable of extracting any piece of information from any user session, and classifying it per user or server session, based on simple information such as source/destination IP or more complex data like cookie information or information extracted by the parser itself

A Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine

Inflight's CEP can process the information extracted by the parser, on the fly, identify browsing patterns as well as transactions patterns (time based and sequence based patterns) – adding another layer of information to the Business Intelligence Inflight can provide

Business Intelligence Inflight can provide Integration with Most Back-end Analytics Engines

Inflight monitoring appliance has a wide variety of feeds that can be used to push information to most analytical engines, logging machines and other third-party reporting tools

What Makes Inflight Better?

Inflight's deployment architecture provides a mediation solution which is completely separated from the production environment. It enables full separation of the mediation task from the Web application server, resulting in a more efficient Web application code and mediation solution. InFlight allows you to proactively monitor and protect your business in ways that will help you drive more revenue. A powerful data theft protection tool for extracting high quality business intelligence from online activity, it empowers various business needs:

Secure the organization's online operation from fraudulent activity with anti-fraud data theft protection solutions

Comply with regulatory standards such as PCI, by logging online transactions in real time

Enable real-time personalized marketing campaigns through real time business intelligence

Monitor the performance of Web applications