SIP Director Features and Benefits

Optimal Call Completion
Failure Recovery
Disaster Recovery
  • Local and Global Clustering
  • Mid-Call Failure Recovery (specific backup server)
  • SIP Application Health Monitoring
  • Internal Resiliency – No Single Point of Failure
  • Call/User Admission Control
Unlimited Call Handling Capacity
Performance Optimization
Traffic Acceleration
Service Fulfillment
Saves Server Resources
Call Admission Control
  • SIP Call/Message Load Balancing
  • SIP-aware Persistency (by call/conference/user ID or user configured parameter)
  • Automatic Persistency for Outbound Calls (crucial for B2BUA/Gateways)
  • TLS/TCP Processing Off-load and Acceleration
  • Connection Reuse/Aliasing/Multiplexing
  • Call Admission Control allowing operators and ISPs to retain full control over resource utilization and allocation
Network Connectivity
SIP Entities Compatibility
Header Manipulation
  • Transport Agnostic (SIP over UDP/TCP/TLS)
  • Transport Conversion (UDP, TCP, TLS)
  • SIPS URI Conversion (SIPS to/from SIP w/transport=TLS)
  • Integrated SIP Proxy
  • Standards Compliant (RFCs 3261, 3263, 3265 and feature/IMS extensions)
  • Field Tested for Interoperability
  • Header manipulation enabling transparent interoperability between different networks and VoIP equipment for maximal flexibility
SIP Intelligent Switching
System Context-Aware Routing
  • Highly Configurable Rule-Based SIP Routing
    • Service classification
    • User Classification
    • Request Content
    • System Status (e.g., load)
  • NAT/Firewall Traversal for Signaling
  • QoS Guarantee and Bandwidth Management
User and Network protection
Privacy Enablement
Call Admission Control
  • Authenticated TLS Encryption
  • DoS Flood Protection (SYN, TCP, UDP floods)
  • Configurable Access Control
  • Call Admission Control guaranteeing optimal call completion even when under DoS attack
Out-of-the-box Carrier Grade
Standards Compliant
System Performance Guarantee
  • SIP TLS/TCP on-the-fly enablement
  • Interoperability with SIP servers, Proxies, Gateways and UAs
  • Out-of-the-box and Configurable (no coding required)