VoIP Security Tools

Taking Preventive Measures

VoIP communication is a challenging dimension among security and preventive aspects for its service providers. This type of communication combines two different channels in order to create VoIP service. Control, which implements the signaling and content, or the voice, form the VoIP service and depend on each other in order to successfully perform. The vulnerabilities brought forth by each can increase the risk for the service to be impaired if proper VoIP security tools are not installed. An attack on either vulnerability has the ability to render the entire service useless.

The most extreme attack on VoIP services are ones that degrade the quality of voice, making the system completely useless. The easiest attacks which degrade voice quality are Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). VoIP security tools must be enforced in order to take preventative measures against these attacks. A DoS attack deliberately deprives the VoIP the resources and services that it would normally need in order to perform properly with a high quality of voice. A DDoS attack is compiled of large numbers of compromised systems that attack one service. Both attacks are equally capable of rendering the VoIP service useless, destroying programming files, and potentially costing the company a great deal of time and money.

In order to prevent such attacks from occurring, companies must implement a preventive approach, including VoIP security tools to fight off the possibility of an attack. Combining a multilayer risk mitigation strategy with native IP telephony features and VoIP network security measures is essential in order to prevent companies from becoming exposed to security breaches and service disruptions.

Essential VoIP Security Approaches

Every VoIP service provider or organization that plans to use IP telephony as part of their ongoing business operation must be aware of the threats they face without proper VoIP network security. Important threats include the intrusion of other network services facilitated by IP telephony implementation, the detrimental degrading of VoIP service including hackers, DoS, and viruses. Another common threat is the non-authorized use of the IP telephony equipment. Addressing these key threats with the proper voice over IP security tools can prevent the high expense of reactive measures.

Radware VoIP Security Solutions

VoIP security tools and defense systems such as DefensePro® can detect these threats and use the preventative actions needed to stop attacks from happening. By using innovative technology modules that deploy a multilayer approach of VoIP security tools and defenses, these threats are found before they can become an issue and are stopped before affecting any aspect of the VoIP service. By maintaining and implementing voice over IP security tools and strategies, companies can benefit from saved time, money, and energy.

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