Workloads Are Vulnerable To Threats Lurking In The Cloud

Take Control With Cloud-Native Protection

Excessive permissions are the number one threat to workloads hosted on public clouds.

Security of cloud workloads is defined by the number and type of people who can access them. Public cloud environments make it very easy to grant extensive permissions and very difficult to keep track of them.

In effect, your permissions equal your attack surface.

The result? Cloud workloads are vulnerable to data breaches, account compromises, and resource exploitation. External threats that could previously be contained can now strike at the heart of your organization.

It’s time to take a different approach to workload defense.

Download Anatomy of a Cloud Native Data Breach to understand how one company suffered an AWS data breach and how it could have been avoided.

Learn about Radware’s Cloud Workload Protection Service, a cloud-native solution that detects these unwarranted permissions, configures security configurations and detects data theft to safeguard your cloud-based assets.


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