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Radware Tops GigaOm’s AI Scores, Named Leader

GigaOm gives Radware 5-star AI score, names it a 2024 Application and API Leader.

Radware earns the only top score for AI-enhanced vulnerability detection and is ranked as a Leader and Fast Mover in GigaOm’s Radar for Application and API Security (AAS) report.

Download this report to learn more about these key findings:

  • Among 12 vendors, Radware is the only one to earn a five-star score for GigaOm’s AI-enhanced vulnerability detection criteria
  • Radware also earned a top score for the bot management feature and is the only vendor that offers Crypto Challenge
  • Organizations with a complex architecture should have Radware on their list of options
  • Radware has amassed a broad selection of deeply integrated tools that are available à la carte to build the protection that an organization needs

“Radware includes everything that we currently look for in this feature; the AI vulnerability enhancement system uses both IP and application layer information to learn of attacks to protect against and offer suggestions to IT.”

GigaOm report on AI-enhanced vulnerability detection criterion

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