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Radware an Overall KuppingerCole WAF Leader

KuppingerCole names Radware a leader in its 2024 Leadership Compass Report for Web Application Firewalls.

Radware earns Overall Leader status in KuppingerCole’s 2024 Leadership Compass Report for Web Application Firewalls. We’re also recognized as a leader across their Product, Innovation and Market Leadership categories.

Download this report to learn more about these key findings:

  • Radware combines a negative security model using signatures, rules, and expressions with an AI-based positive model that automatically learns and maps the application
  • Radware Bot Manager features a unique semi-supervised ML algorithm that identifies the intent of each request…to give zero-day protection to applications and reduce false positives
  • Radware’s suite of services shows strength in providing a wide range of capabilities to protect against layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS and DoS attacks, as well as providing low latency, high bandwidth capacity, and a good forwarding rate
  • The Radware Suite leverages both internal and external sources for threat intelligence and has strong capabilities in this area

“Radware is highly innovative and should be considered when evaluating an organization’s WAF.”

Osman Celik
KuppingerCole Report Analyst

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