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Accurately detects and blocks bad bots from your website, mobile apps, and APIs.

Protects your enterprise from Account Takeover, Application DDoS, API Abuse, Content Theft, Price Scraping, Carding, Form spam, and other OWASP automated threats.

Secures sensitive enterprise and user data against theft and abuse.

Provides security teams with detailed visibility into bot signatures and insights into bot traffic and attacks.

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We could see the results within a week of deploying Radware Bot Manager. Bots that abused our APIs for card verification checks declined significantly, eliminating unnecessary costs and enhancing our merchant reputation in the process.”

Website administrator, A leading US Media Group

After careful consideration, we chose Radware Bot Manager because their bot detection solution is the most accurate and powerful service on the market.
We love it!”

IT Manager, Major European Online Classifieds Portal

Together with Radware Bot Manager, we made our website a much safer environment for our users and their data, further branding Njuskalo.hr as a place to go for buying and selling online.”

Boris Nađ, Technical Operations Manager, Njuskalo

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