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API Vulnerability Scanner

Discover API security risks with our free API Vulnerability Scanner tool.

Radware designed this powerful API Vulnerability Scanner tool to identify and expose API vulnerabilities to threats included in the OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks list.

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How does it work?

  • API Discovery: The API Vulnerability Scanner discovers all of your exposed APIs, creating a complete inventory of its endpoint, API path, request and response data
  • OWASP-aligned Testing: It simulates hundreds of attacks based on the OWASP API Top 10, including real-world scenarios for misconfigurations, broken authentication, insecure authorization and data exposure
  • No Impact: The attack simulations are safe and do not impact the performance of your website or APIs
  • Non-Intrusive: The scan requires no integration with the application

“The total malicious web application and API transactions increased by 171% in 2023.”

2024 Global Threat Analysis Report

Why perform Radware's API Vulnerability Scan?

  • Detailed Report: Receive a clear and actionable report highlighting identified vulnerabilities, their severity, potential impact and attack simulation insights
  • Improved Developer Awareness: Empower developers to build more secure APIs from the ground up, fostering a security-conscious development culture
  • Compliance Assessment: Validate your APIs’ adherence to security best practices and industry standards, ensuring compliance and reducing audit risks
  • Proactive Security: Identify and address API vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them
  • Free: Enjoy this free yet powerful offering with no strings attached

Free API Vulnerability Scanner

Gain a comprehensive insight into your API security posture through a personalized assessment.

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