Bot Analysis

Radware’s Bad Bot Analyzer

Understand The Impact Of Bot Traffic On Your Website

Bad Bot Analyzer

Radware’s Bad Bot Analyzer is a free service that provides a snapshot of bot traffic across various sections of your website and mobile applications so you can understand the full impact of malicious bot traffic.

Application and API Protection

The Bad Bot Analyzer produces a report that includes:

  • Bot traffic analysis
  • Targeted URLs
  • Potential vulnerabilities
  • Bot source analysis
  • Type of malicious activities
  • Bad bots by sophistication level
Advanced attack Protection

The Bad Bot Analyzer combines deep behavioral analysis and semi-supervised machine-learning technologies to provide the most accurate snapshot of your bot traffic, including false positives and attacks that get through.

Global Coverage, Massive Capacity

The report provides insight into the scale and impact of bot attacks against your applications, including account takeover, denial of inventory/cart abandonment, payment fraud, content & price scraping, API abuse, application DDoS, skewed analytics, form spam, and more.

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