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Radware’s Bad Bot Vulnerability Scanner

Is Your Website Secure Against Bot Attacks? Find Out Now.

Bad Bot Vulnerability Scanner

Radware’s Bad Bot Vulnerability Scanner (BVS) is a free service that analyzes how your website and current security tools respond to different bot threats.

Application and API Protection

The BVS report will reveal key factors about your website security, including:

  • Can your competitors and fraudsters succeed in attacking you using bad bots?
  • How good are your current defense against bots and automated attacks?
  • Insights into bad bots that escaped detection.

BVS works in simulation on your website using various tools that mimic bot behavior and analyzes how your defenses respond to these simulations.

Radware's Bot Vulnerability Scanner is safe and secure and will not impact website performance

Advanced attack Protection

No live integration required

Global Coverage, Massive Capacity

Incident-level details

Flexible Deployment Options


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