Cyber Ransom eBook

Pay Up or Else

Ransom Cyber Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

“Pay Up or Else.” It has become the modus operandi for a new generation of financially-motivated cyber assailants that view extortion, blackmail and coercion as standard operating procedures. Combined with the development of a cyber ransom marketplace that has commoditized attack tools and services for even the most novice hacker, it’s no wonder ransom cyber-attacks are on the rise.

Download the "Cyber Ransom Survival Guide: The Growing Threat of Ransomware and RDoS – and What to Do About It" to understand:

The current threat environment and why ransom attacks are increasing in popularity

How to differentiate between the real and fake ransom attacks

Attack tools and services now available to hackers via the Darknet

The most likely targets of ransom attacks and how to prepare

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