ERT Report 2016

Rise of Automation Brings
Battle of the Bots

Read the “2015-2016 Global Application & Network Security Report

By Radware Emergency Response Team

Burst Attacks, APDoS, dynamic IP assaults...

2015 saw defenses succumb to automated and sophisticated cyber-attacks, making it increasingly difficult to choreograph responses manually. This represents a clear and emerging threat that demands advanced detection and mitigation.

Radware's "2015 – 2016 Global Application and Network Security Report" reveals attack trends and offers predictions as the rise of cyber botted-defense approaches.

Key Highlights

Taking a Detour

How attackers bypass IP-based defense systems

Ring of Fire

Industries most likely to face cyber-attacks in 2016

Learn from the Leaders

Steps one of the world’s largest airlines took to stop bots from tying up inventory

Bet on Bots

Understand how to fight automation with automation

Show Me the Money

Why ransoms became one of the biggest motives for cyber-attacks and what an encrypted email provider did to stop a ransom attack

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