Simple and Scalable

Keep it Simple; Make it Scalable

6 Characteristics of a Futureproof Load Balancer

Application delivery controllers can offer an array of capabilities. The key is finding a cost effective load balancer that delivers applications reliably and securely while being scalable enough to grow as the needs of the business expand. Fortunately, trends such as virtualization and consolidation present the opportunity to implement a futureproof load balancer.

Alteon NG is Radware's ADC that provides end-to-end load balancing capabilities and is the industry's only ADC specifically designed to ensure application SLA.

Read "Keep It Simple; Make It Scalable: 6 Characteristics of the Futureproof Load Balancer" to understand:

The core load balancing capabilities every ADC should provide

Why customization and scalability is critical when considering an ADC

How organizations are managing application delivery differently due to new technologies and trends.

How virtualization simplifies the deployment of new applications

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