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2024 Global Threat Analysis Report

Discover the cyberattack trends that will change the way you protect your business.

Radware’s threat intelligence team built this report to help you stay ahead of cyberattacks. It conveniently delivers a full year’s worth of threat data, world events and hacktivist activity to your screen—complete with charts, graphs and expert analysis you need to keep up.

Download now to understand these cybercriminal shifts:

  • More DDoS attacks extend to the application layer (L7)
  • Bulletproof clouds offer scalability, agility and faster deployment
  • DNS servers, overloaded with queries, bring down all communication
  • Artificial intelligence increases the number of sophisticated threats

"During the first half of 2023, we noticed a large increase in web application DDoS attacks. This trend has continued, if not accelerated, towards the end of the year."

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