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    10 Takeaways From ESG & Radware's Application Delivery Controllers Report

    Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are becoming a critical component strategy as enterprises fine-tune security policy and enforcement to align with their sensitive business applications, according to a report released this month from the Mahwah, N.J.-based vendor Radware and the IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

    Information security goes mainstream

    Formerly the exclusive domain of IT, information security is now a mainstream issue, as major retailers and government agencies have suffered data breaches, denials of service and destructive intrusions. Millions of individuals have been affected, and organizations are now forced to devote more resources to prevention and remediation. Everyone in the information chain, from consumers to CEOs, has become acutely aware of the hazards of failing to protect information.

    Mahwah-based Radware selected for use by VA company

    Radware, an Israeli-based global Internet security firm with its North American headquarters in Mahwah, said Wednesday that its Attack Mitigation System was selected for use by BlackMesh, a Virginia-based cloud hosting company. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Cybercrime Gang: Fraud Estimates Hit $1B

    A notorious cybercrime gang continues to target financial services firms and retailers. A new report estimates that the Anunak - a.k.a. Carbanak - gang has now stolen up to $1 billion from banks in Russia, the United States and beyond, in part by using "jackpotting" malware that infects ATMs and which attackers can use to issue cash from ATMs, on demand.

    Transforming Networks Week in Review

    Application delivery controllers are getting a lot of attention lately on the road to network transformation. ADCs sit in front of application servers to perform load balancing, can help with security, and in some cases provide additional more advanced functions.

    Obama Calls on Silicon Valley to Help Thwart Cyber Attacks

    Cyberspace is the new "Wild West," President Barack Obama said Friday, with everyone looking to the government to be the sheriff. But he told the private sector it must do more to stop cyber attacks aimed at the U.S. every day.

    SecureWorld Expo Highlights New Cyber Crime Risks

    As Director of Security Solutions at Radware and a keynote speaker at the SecureWorld Expo, David Hobbs knows that the more connected we are, the more vulnerable to cyber crime we become.