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    Comparing the best intrusion prevention systems

    Network intrusion prevention systems (IPSes) are enterprise security technologies dedicated to monitoring and analyzing network traffic for suspicious activity. Unlike a firewall, which is generally based on a ruleset that specifies network traffic flow restrictions, an intrusion prevention system examines the headers and contents of network traffic for activity that is deemed too risky, and then stops the current communications containing such activity. They may directly force suspicious activity to terminate, or may trigger reconfigurations in other enterprise security controls to accomplish this.

    Exclusive: Inside the ProtonMail siege: how two small companies fought off one of Europe's largest DDoS attacks

    The ransom note arrived in the middle of the night, and it didn't seem like a big deal. "We let users know we had been hit, called up the ISP, and then went back to sleep," said ProtonMail CEO and CERN-alum Andy Yen. "Usually these guys hit you a few times, then move on, so you just ignore them."

    Cyber: Protonmail back online after DDoS ransom attack, suggests state involvement

    Encrypted email service provider Protonmail was the target of two sustained designated denial of service (DDoS) attacks that knocked it off the internet. Due to the extent of damage and the nature of the attack, Protonmail have suggested state involvement in the second attack.

    How extorted e-mail provider got back online after crippling DDoS attack

    ProtonMail, the encrypted e-mail provider that buckled under crippling denial-of-service attacks even after it paid a $6,000 ransom, said it has finally recovered from the massive assaults seven days after they began.

    Secure Email Service ProtonMail Thinks Government Might Be Behind a DDoS Attack

    Privacy-focused email provider ProtonMail is back online after experiencing a crippling DDoS attack by a group calling itself the Armada Collective.

    ProtonMail comes back online, shores up DDoS defenses

    ProtonMail, the Switzerland-based encrypted email service, has found its footing again after a wild ride over the past week.

    ProtonMail restores services after epic DDoS attacks

    After several days of intense work, Switzerland-based end-to-end encrypted e-mail provider ProtonMail has largely mitigated the DDoS attacks that made it unavailable for for hours on end in the last week.