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    Community Health Systems blames China for recent data breach

    Community Hospital Systems (CHS), which operates just over 200 hospitals in 29 states, reported a data breach impacting about 4.5 million people on Monday. The incident, blamed on actors in China, was made public via an 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Community Health Systems Breach Atypical For Chinese Hackers

    Investigators say a China-based hacking group is to blame for a data breach that exposed the identities of 4.5 million patients served by or referred to Community Health Systems (CHS), a publicly traded company that owns, leases, and/or operates 206 hospitals in 29 U.S. states. The stolen data included Social Security Numbers, names, dates of birth, addresses, and contact information. However, no credit card numbers or medical records were stolen.

    Ransomware: 7 Defensive Strategies

    To all the victims of the shakedown malware known as Cryptolocker, which forcibly encrypts PCs and demands a ransom to receive the unlock code: You can get your data back.

    Everything You Need to Know About the Massive Russian Hack

    News broke late Tuesday that Russian hackers have acquired over one billion username and password combinations, the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials.

    Home Pages of Retail Websites Failing to Load Fast Enough

    Integrated application delivery and application security solutions firm Radware has recently released its latest 'State of the Union: Ecommerce Page Speed and Web Performance" study. The findings reveal a 49% increase in the time it takes for home pages of the top 100 retail websites to load.

    Top Retail Websites’ Load Times Still Slowing

    The median load time for home pages of the top 100 US retail websites (as ranked by Alexa) has slowed yet again on a year-over-year basis, increasing from 7.2 seconds in Summer 2013 to 10.7 seconds in Summer 2014.

    Radware Research Reveals Retailers not Optimizing their Websites

    So many factors go into making a website successful, it sometimes makes you wonder if it is just good old fashion luck, but it is not. Optimizing a website requires people that know what they are doing to get the traffic you need for your particular niche.