• Media Coverage

    New products of the week 03.23.2015

    LinkProof NG: A multi-homing and enterprise gateway solution that can help guarantee users optimized WAN connectivity service levels per application – whether the application is deployed on premise or in the cloud.

    Cloud Security Specialist Joins Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance

    Radware, a specialist in application delivery and security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, has joined the Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance.

    Cyber Compliance Is Not Cyber Protection

    Leading cybersecurity analysts met at the 2015 SecureWorld conference in Boston on March 4–5 to discuss the emerging threats and increasingly noticeable drawbacks of cyber regulations.

    New products of the week 03.09.2015

    DefensePro x4420 offers up to 300Gbps of mitigation capacity and provides the industry's widest range of simultaneous cyber-attack protection. It addresses today’s most tenacious volumetric DDoS attacks and mitigates sophisticated non-volume threats.

    Emerging cyberthreats exploit battle between compliance and security

    While regulatory compliance is valuable and necessary for enterprises, cyberthreat experts say a compliance-centric security strategy may leave organizations with few resources to ward off emerging cyberthreats.

    Radware Introduces New DDoS Attack Mitigation Platform

    Radware, a provider of application delivery DDoS attack protection solutions, this week unveiled its latest attack mitigation platform designed to help carriers and cloud providers protect against high volume DDoS attacks.

    More Options for Multi-Tenant Clouds

    One of the more unsettling aspects of cloud computing is multi-tenancy. What CIO in his right mind would share servers and other hardware with total strangers, regardless of the cost?