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    18 Ways to Ensure Mobile App Performance APM Digest Part 2

    Mobile apps are serious business, and mobile app performance is key. With this in mind, APMdigest asked industry experts – from analysts and consultants to the top vendors – to recommend the best ways to ensure mobile app performance. Part 2 of the list is all about mobile app design.

    Zero-day in Fiat Chrysler feature allows remote control of vehicles

    Fiat Chrysler owners should update their vehicles' software after a pair of security researchers were able to exploit a zero-day vulnerability to remotely control the vehicle's the engine, transmission, wheels and brakes among other systems.

    Radware Looking for Acquisitions With $300 Million Cash Pile

    Radware Ltd. is looking to spend about $300 million on acquisitions to add to its cybersecurity offerings, Chief Operating Officer Gabi Malka said.

    The Inevitability of Newsroom Cyber Attacks

    It is very plausible that at this very moment, a hacker with strong ties to ISIS or another terrorist organization with high-level cybercrime capabilities has just exposed a security vulnerability in the network of a news organization somewhere around the world and is ready to exploit it.

    The Dawn of Hybrid Web Application Firewall - Why it will define security for the foreseeable future

    This confluence, a result of the growing cloud technology, is no longer manageable with today's standard application security approaches. Out of necessity, a new hybrid approach that combines technologies to protect both cloud-based and on premise applications has evolved.

    The quest for command and control in cyberspace

    Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon goes about his work as head of Army Cyber Command with the subdued intensity of someone who knows he will be at it awhile. The soft-spoken Californian is trying to build a cyber workforce, and he is clear about where that effort is falling short.

    Don't Let Your Hero Image Be the Villain: Best Practices for Image Optimization

    Aesthetics aside, when it comes to visually representing your brand, optimization of images is not only imperative, but also a necessity. How do you know that hero image you're using on your homepage isn't affecting the load time of your website?