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    Are Cyber Attacks More than Critical Infrastructure Can C.H.E.W.?

    Threats such as Stuxnet, Night Dragon, Shamoon, Dragonfly and Energetic Bear have targeted critical infrastructures around the globe over the past few years and represent harbingers for increased concerns.

    IDC Frontier Deploys Radware DefensePro to Protect New Cloud-Based Network Service

    IDC Frontier, a provider of cloud IaaS and data center services, has chosen the Attack Mitigation System from Radware to protect its new cloud-based network service from DDoS attacks. The company recently introduced its cloud-based IDC Frontier Network Service and was looking for a better security solution to detect and mitigate attacks.

    Federal regulations on cyber security lead to revenue loss

    Even though 87 percent those surveyed in the financial service industry agree that current regulatory changes are very important or critical to keeping their companies and industry secure, new federal guidelines were having an adverse impact on their businesses, according to Radware.

    Bottom Line Woes: Financial Sector Struggles with Federal Security Regulations

    "It is imperative that companies, not just the financial services industry, do everything in their means to not only mitigate cyber-threats, but also to comply with emerging industry regulations in order to optimally protect their networks, applications and data – and most importantly, their customers," said Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions for Radware.

    Digital Performance and Resilience at O'Reilly Velocity

    If you’re an enterprise digital professional who’s ever marveled at the speed and simplicity of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and wondered why your own web and mobile efforts can’t offer the same performance, this week’s O’Reilly Velocity conference in New York City had some important lessons for you.

    Take 5! Five Takeaways From Shop.Org’s Holiday Planning Guide Snapshots

    Radware’s Tammy Everts counsels retailers to measure based on “time to interact” rather than page load times. Best practices continue to emerge around still and video imagery, and no less so for mobile specifically.

    Research Demonstrates Importance of an Optimized Image Format

    Radware, a global leader of application delivery and application security solutions, commissioned NeuroStrata for a research study to support and augment development of a new image format and determine how rendering can affect user experience.