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    Alleged Bank Hack Tied to Phishing?

    News reports of suspected attacks against JPMorgan Chase, and perhaps other banks, serve as an important reminder for financial institutions of all sizes to ramp-up their security efforts, especially to guard against phishing attacks.

    Feedback Friday: JPMorgan Targeted in Alleged Russian Cyberattack - Industry Reactions

    The attackers, presumably located in Russia, are said to have stolen large amounts of sensitive data from the systems of the targeted organizations. The level of sophistication indicates that the cyberattacks could be the work of a foreign government, and the FBI is reportedly trying to determine if the incidents are a form of retaliation for the sanctions against Russia over its support of rebels in Ukraine.

    As global tensions rise, banks need to watch for growing cyber threats

    “In the world of globalization, we will continue to see that for every real world government action, there will be a cyber reaction,” said Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at Radware

    Heartbleed still threat to companies

    "Heartbleed was a very powerful story because it was so endemic to IT operations and not so easy to deal with," said Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at Radware.”

    Mahwah-based company selected by Colombian police for Internet security

    Radware said Tuesday it has been selected by the Colombia national police to help counter daily cyber-attacks to its network.

    Colombian police opt for Radware cyber-protection

    Radware, an application delivery and security company, said Tuesday that the Colombia National Police has chosen it to protect its network against cyber-attacks.

    How Retailers Can Fight Against Slowing E-Commerce Sites Retail Online Integration

    A typical retail site today takes 6.2 seconds to load its primary content — well short of the ideal load time of three seconds or less. Not only are e-commerce pages too slow to load, they appear to be getting slower rather than faster.