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    High-tech ways kids find to cheat

    Carl Herberger, Radware head of security, discusses how a growing number of students are using high-tech tactics to scam their teachers.

    HPE, Intel & 6WIND DemoFriday Q&A: High Performance vADCs & OpenStack Virtual Infrastructure

    Frank Jimenez, Product Marketing Manager at 6WIND answers your post event questions. This DemoFriday sponsored by the HPE & Intel CSP Partner Ecosystem, and featuring Radware took on the challenge of high network performance requirements in OpenStack environments.

    18 tips that will help you stay safe when you travel

    With terrorist attacks and hotel security issues having become a very real concern around the world, it's crucial you do what you can to ensure your safety while traveling in a foreign country. We've put together a list of tips for doing just that, consulting Anthony Melchiorri, host of Travel Channel's "Hotel Impossible"; John Rose, an aviation and terrorism expert and COO of travel risk management companyiJET; Daniel Durazo, the director of communications forAllianz Global Assistance USA; and Daniel Smith, a security researcher at Radware.

    Good Bots, Bad Bots: Changing the Way We Approach Cybersecurity?

    Ashley Madison is back in the news. The last time we talked about the infamous website, it was about a major data breach that seemed to focus more on blackmail and ruining marriages than the usual PII concerns. Today the news is about how Ashley Madison scammed their paying customers into thinking they were chatting with real women when, in fact, they were chatting with fembots.

    Survey: IT Executives More Likely to Pay Hacker’s Ransom If Organization Had Been Previously Hacked

    How many companies would pay a ransom if they were attacked by ransomware? According to a recent survey, it may depend on whether the organization has already been the victim of a ransomware attack.

    No robots required: AI will eliminate these jobs first

    Meet your newest employee, Amelia. She's intelligent, well groomed, and responsive to your moods. If she seems a little robotic, well, that's because she's actually an artificially intelligent entity living inside a software platform.

    Hit men, drugs and malicious teens: the darknet is going mainstream

    Surfing the darknet — the part of the internet that lies beyond a normal web browser's reach, and is a haven for an astonishing amount of criminal commerce — has never been easier, or more popular.