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    Connected cars: Are tomorrow's drivers at risk?

    The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to enhance the way we engage with devices around the home and we are now beginning to see the growth of this technology reach our driveways. Specifically, our automobiles.

    Hack grounds handful of Polish airline's flights

    The Polish airline LOT had to ground several planes, temporarily stranding 1,400 passengers at Chopin airport in Warsaw after the airline's ground computers were attacked by hackers. The systems, used to distribute flight plans, experienced an attack in the afternoon with the airline fixing the issue around five hours later, according to a Reuters  report. The airline canceled ten flights, domestic and international, and another 12 or so flights were delayed

    Page bloat update: The average web page is more than 2 MB in size

    I’ve been tracking the size and composition of the top million websites (thanks to the HTTP Archive) since 2011. Back in 2012, it was huge news when the average page exceeded 1 MB. At the time, people were incredulous… and even outraged.

    Radware Provides its DDoS Technology for the New Cisco Firepower 9300 Appliance

    The image most people have of a hacker is a lone teenager locked up in a room staring at the monitor typing away. While that still might be the case, the vast majority of today’s security breaches are being carried out by organized criminal enterprises, government-sponsored cyber warfare, hacktivists and cyber terrorists.

    New Alerts About POS Malware Risks

    Recent point-of-sale malware attacks, and reports about emerging malware strains, highlight why more attention needs to be paid to POS system security. Last week, restaurant/grocery store chain Eataly reported a malware-related POS breach at its New York location, one of 27 worldwide. 

    Cisco Launches All-Purpose Security Server

    Cisco announced a new security hardware server, the Firepower 9300, on Monday that's designed to provide a platform for multiple network security services.

    14 Best Practices to Cure Your Website’s Performance Pains

    Website owners can take many different actions to optimize and accelerate page load times, ultimately improving both the real and perceived user experience for visitors.