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    New products of the week 04.20.2015

    Hybrid Cloud WAF: A fully-managed and always-on service that provides unmatched protection from web application attacks. The first WAF solution to protect on-premises and cloud-based applications using a single solution, eliminating the gap found in dual integration solutions.

    New firewall provides stronger protection for hybrid cloud systems

    As more apps move to the cloud business infrastructures are increasingly fragmented. This can make traditional on-site security tools ineffective in fighting off cyber attacks.

    Radware launches WAF service that protects apps in the cloud and on premise

    Enterprises are moving more of their applications to the cloud, requiring IT to secure apps both on-premise and in the cloud.

    Radware launches hybrid cloud based WAF service

    Cyber attacks remain a persistent threat and have become sophisticated in size and scope. DoS, SQL injections and cross-site scripting are the most common web attack vectors, increasing in popularity. As migration to the cloud continues and expands, companies today are facing a more distributed network infrastructure.

    3 Ways E-Tailers Can Make Their Sites Faster

    There was a time when retailers could only impact their bottom line during the course of normal business hours. Now in the era of "e-everything," retailers enjoy the ringing of cash registers 24/7. From desktops to mobile devices, online stores cash in on consumers’ insatiable appetites to shop wherever and whenever.

    Web Performance Still Below Par

    A new report by Radware shows that 9% of the top 100 leading retail web pages took ten or more seconds to become interactive, which is down considerably from 22% of sites last quarter.

    4 Reasons Your Web Design Is A-OK

    It's easy for website owners and those who manage digital presences to get wrapped up in what their site does not have. This is because if they can imagine a bell or whistle, there's a big chance the 'Net offers it or there is someone who can implement it.