• LinkProof NG

    What Does LinkProof NG Do?

    LinkProof NG is a next-generation multi-homing and enterprise gateway solution that guarantees service level availability and continuous connectivity of enterprise and cloud-based applications. It is an application-aware multi-homing and link load balancing module that delivers 24/7 continuous connectivity and service level assurance for corporate and cloud-based applications.

    LinkProof NG scales from 100Mbps up to 160Gbps and can be deployed in entry-level to high-end data centers as well as enterprise branch offices.

    What Makes LinkProof NG Better?

    By simultaneously load balancing and optimizing both inbound and outbound traffic of multiple WAN links, LinkProof NG is a perfect solution for enterprises employing a single WAN link environment.

    Ensure Service Level for Corporate Applications over WAN

    Fully ensures service levels of corporate applications over the WAN by combining link load balancing, web performance optimization, end-to-end real-user service level monitoring, security and cost-effective scalability

    Optimize Cloud-Based Application Delivery

    Serves as an advanced enterprise gateway that optimizes access to cloud applications by shortening cloud application response time, selecting the best ISP link per service and allowing simplified management of shadow IT

    Reduce Costs & Improve Branch Employee Productivity

    Increases employee productivity and reduces branch office costs by supporting hybrid WAN architecture, aligning the allocated capacity of WAN links with application priority, and accelerating access to SaaS applications

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