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    News Room

    Welcome to the Radware newsroom. Here you will find the latest news, updates and information related to Radware’s application delivery and application security solutions.

  • Recent Media Coverage

    Cybercrime Gang: Fraud Estimates Hit $1B
    A notorious cybercrime gang continues to target financial services firms and retailers. A new report estimates that the Anunak - a.k.a. Carbanak - gang has now stolen up to $1 billion from banks in Russia, the United States and beyond, in part by using "jackpotting" malware that infects ATMs and which attackers can use to issue cash from ATMs, on demand.

    Transforming Networks Week in Review
    Application delivery controllers are getting a lot of attention lately on the road to network transformation. ADCs sit in front of application servers to perform load balancing, can help with security, and in some cases provide additional more advanced functions.

    Obama Calls on Silicon Valley to Help Thwart Cyber Attacks
    Cyberspace is the new "Wild West," President Barack Obama said Friday, with everyone looking to the government to be the sheriff. But he told the private sector it must do more to stop cyber attacks aimed at the U.S. every day.
  • Latest Posts

    Can a CDN Stop Cyber-Attacks? (Radware Blog)
    In previous articles, we've reviewed content delivery networks (CDNs) from a variety of security perspectives – from how hackers have used them as weapons of DDoS to how bad actors can use free services to create astronomical billing issues.

    Google's experimental new "slow" label could revolutionize how we tackle web performance (Web Performance Today)
    Earlier today, Search Engine Land posted about a new label that Google appears to be testing in its search results pages. The red "slow" label, pictured here, warns people that your site is unacceptably slow.

    SDN Use Cases: Myths and Realities (Radware Blog)
    There were a lot of promises made when software-defined networking (SDN) first came onto the scene, and while some real benefits have been experienced, not all promises have been realized, or were even realistic.

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