• Application Performance Monitoring

    What Does Application Performance Monitoring Do?

    Radware's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) allows you to detect application performance issues – before your customer does. Application Performance Monitoring ensures Web application performance meets your customer's expectations and consistently delivers their business SLA.

    APM is an end-to-end monitoring solution that assures full application SLA. It provides complete visibility into your applications' performance with a breakdown by application, location or specific transaction. APM allows you to proactively maintain application performance and protect SLAs with real-time error detection and the ability to track real user transactions and response time. This application monitoring provides historical reports with drilldown-able granular analysis based on user-defined SLA, while providing measurements of the delay per each application delivery chain segment, including data center time, network latency and browser rendering time.

    What Makes Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Better?

    APM is the leading tool to manage and track application SLAs using historical reports with fast root cause analysis using highly granular measurements. It provides a bird's eye view which covers all applications, transactions, users and data centers – allowing drill-down to the user, application or transaction level. In addition, this application monitoring allows the extraction of performance information from the end-user devices to reflect actual end-user QoE - wherever the clients are, at all times.

    The performance measurements are based on user-defined SLA and may include the minimum average response time the application should provide, the % of errors and user experience. The SLA can be also drilled down to the geo-location level, allowing administrators to determine if there's a problem with users from a specific region.

    In addition, it is very easy to deploy and activate APM. It has a short time to operation with a simple enable button to activate—nothing more. No scripting or complex agent integration is required.

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