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    Is Your Application Delivery Virtualization Ready?

    What Does Alteon Virtual Appliance Do?

    If you need to enhance application delivery before going into full production, Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) is exactly what your network needs.

    Alteon VA is a fully-featured Alteon application switch packaged as a virtual appliance running on server virtualization infrastructure. It is a SoftADC that provides identical functionality to Radware's Alteon physical ADC devices including:

    Local and global server load balancing

    Application acceleration through FastView

    Layer 7 aware content redirection and modification

    Application specific optimized configuration guides and configuration templates with automation and reports through AppShape

    Application SLA Monitoring: Real-time monitoring, proactive SLA management and assurance with agent-less application performance monitoring (APM)

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    What Makes Alteon VA Better?

    At Radware, we love comprehensive, elegant solutions that deliver reliable performance while remaining scalable and efficient. Alteon VA provides agile and flexible ADC virtualization services as well as full ADC capabilities on-demand, which enhances response time, improves resilience for applications and the overall quality of experience.

    If you're a cloud provider, Alteon VA can help you achieve high utilization of existing hardware by allowing you to run multiple, shared services. It also offers unified management and a self-service portal for tiered-offering delivery.

    What Does Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV Do?

    Alteon VA for NFV is the next generation Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV environments, delivering a scalable, ultra-high capacity of up to 200Gbps per instance and multi Tbps in a multi-instance deployment.

    Alteon VA trial version is available for a 30-day period, allowing you to test, demo, and develop in a trial environment. Your trial includes all the features and capabilities contained in the full version. After your trial period, get started with a licensable software version and easily migrate into production instead of adding hardware to your current environment.

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