• FastView - Web Performance Optimization and Acceleration

    Eliminate Web Wait with FastView Web Performance Optimization
    To help increase your business' online revenue, number of page views and customer satisfaction, Radware has developed its new FastView technology, a best-in-class Web Performance Optimization (WPO) solution integrated into our Alteon ADC.

    What Does FastView Do?

    Slow load times have been known to negatively impact a variety of business metrics such as on eCommerce websites. Time is money and customers don't use slow sites. A one second delay in page time equals a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Faster is better and your website and web-based applications need to be lightning quick or you will lose customers and revenue.

    FastView is a web performance optimization (WPO) solution that enables faster websites and web-based applications. It transforms front-end optimization (FEO) from a lengthy and complex process to an automated function. This FEO is performed in real time, accelerating web application response time out-of-the-box.

    And since we believe that application acceleration and FEO are essential components of a next generation application delivery controller (ADC), FastView integrates into our Alteon NG ADC.

    What Does FastView for SAP Do?

    FastView for SAP delivers faster response time for SAP applications. It's specifically designed to accelerate SAP applications for your global workforce, partners and customers, overcoming WAN bottlenecks and high latencies, while ensuring continuous and secured operations. This joint solution reduces the network footprint and thus minimizes network deployment, administrative, and operational costs.

    FastView for SAP accelerates SAP applications over WAN at near LAN speeds - on top of existing LB and WOC solutions. It provides up to 10x faster response time for remote users and is the only solution that accelerates SAPGUI and WebGUI.

    What Makes FastView Better?

    FastView accelerates typical web page performance up to 40%. It delivers simplified, streamlined and optimized web pages with the industry's fastest load times, and more:

    Accelerates modern and legacy browsers – automatically creates different HTML for different browser types

    Only technology to accelerate performance for both fixed and mobile clients

    Accelerates the entire transaction, not just one page at a time

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