• vDirect - ADC Management Orchestration Plug-In

    ADC Virtualization & VMware Orchestrator
    Maintain tight integration between virtual/physical ADC environment & VMware vCenter Orchestrator/vSphere.

    What Does vDirect Do?

    Radware's vDirect is the industry's first ADC service automation engine designed for virtual data centers and clouds. vDirect is offered as a CLI tool, a fully functional REST API, and a pre-integrated plugin for select working environments such as VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack, VMware vCenter Orchestrator and Red Hat RHEV-M. It provides building blocks for provisioning and managing ADC services and instances throughout their lifecycle in an operational production data center.

    What Makes vDirect Better?

    vDirect ADC service management automation engine enables the orchestration system to provision, decommission, configure and monitor Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI) virtual ADCs, and computing resources within a virtual data center. This integration allows all of Radware's vADCs to be centrally managed and take part in virtual data center day-to-day operations and workflow automation, unleashing the full agility of complete application services and end-to-end service creation.

    vDirect ADC Service management automation engine offers a variety of unique features:

    The ability to manage pools of ADC devices across diverse hardware platforms (Alteon or x86 hypervisor) through a single interface

    The ability to define granular operational workflows and group workflows into runbook automation procedures

    The ability to bare metal provision ADC virtual appliances in VMware and RHEV server virtualization environments

    Operationally optimized integration into VMware vCloud Director and OpenStack cloud management platform

    Complete automation suite that not only takes care of new application rollout, but also enables automation of services' maintenance, and comprehensive service level monitoring, including performance, security and infrastructure utilization

    The only cross domain automation suit, covering both application delivery and security service automation, and ensuring full synchronization across those domains, throughout the application life cycle

    vDirect is available free of charge, allowing you to immediately integrate Radware ADCs into leading virtual data center and cloud management and orchestration systems.

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