DragonForce Malaysia

DragonForce Malaysia is a pro-Palestinian hacktivist group located in Malaysia. The group has been observed working with several threat groups in the past, including the T3 Dimension Team and ReliksCrew. DragonForce Malaysia has a website and a forum where threat actors conduct most of their announcements and discussions. The group also has a Telegram channel, but most content is replicated throughout the forum and other social media platforms, including TikTok.

DragonForce Malaysia and its associates have launched several campaigns targeting government agencies and organizations across the Middle East and Asia in 2021 and 2022. The threat groups, in combination, have successfully filled the void left by Anonymous while remaining independent during the resurgence of hacktivists relating to the Russian/Ukrainian war. DragonForce Malaysia was the driving force behind several activist operations including #OpsBedil, #OpsBedilReloaded, #OpsRWM (Raids Without Mercy) and #OpsPatuk/#OpsIndia.

DragonForce Malaysia and its associates have proven their ability to adapt and evolve with the threat landscape in the last year. While at its core, the group's primary focus is denial-of-service attacks and defacement, they have recently demonstrated their ability to leverage recently disclosed exploits quickly.

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