Application Delivery and Protection

Application Delivery Is the Foundation for Keeping Apps Secure.

Application Availability and Security All in One

Transitioning to the cloud makes managing and securing applications difficult, and in an app-driven world, ensuring application availability and performance are critical for ensuring the digital experience. Application delivery and security services (ADC) are the foundation for keeping these applications and environments secure and available and providing a competitive differentiator for your business.

E-commerce engines, mobile applications and migration to the cloud can all sap the performance of applications. But the real silent killers of application performance are cyberattacks, which is why comprehensive application protection must now include web application firewalls (WAF), API protection and bot management to ensure applications stay secure.


Comprehensive Application Delivery and Security

Radware Alteon’s integrated application protection suite provides comprehensive protection for applications via a single platform across all supported hardware, virtualized and cloud environments.

It provides and/or integrates with an array of security capabilities. Specifically, its enterprise-grade WAF provides protection from the OWASP Top 10, advanced attack protection and zero-day attack mitigation. Alteon’s integrated Bot Manager module provides bot management across web and mobile applications and APIs.

Full Coverage

Full Coverage of Application and API Threats

Protection from bot attacks, access violations, injections, XSS and CSRF, broken authentication and session management and security misconfiguration

Reduced TCO

Reduced TCO with Lowest False Positives

Auto-policy generation that secures a web application automatically by generating individual protection rules to eliminate human intervention

Protection from Zero-Day Attacks

Protection from Zero-Day Attacks

Leverages a negative and positive security model that features lowest false positives and minimal operational efforts while providing protection from zero-day attacks

Continuous Security Delivery

Continuous Security Delivery

Integrated WAF for real-time security patching for applications in deployment environments; integration with DAST solutions

Bot Management

Bot Management

Intent-based deep behavioral analysis to identify human-like bots and dedicated API protection to avoid invoking APIs that are accessed or targeted by malicious bots

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Granular reporting and threat classification of different types of bots for more efficient traffic management


Protecting Apps From Malicious Bots With Alteon ADC

Alteon integrates with Radware Bot Manager to provide comprehensive protection from “bad” bot attacks, including account takeover assaults, application DoS, content and price scraping, and more.

Flexibility is Key

Flexibility Is Key

Alteon’s Global Elastic License (GEL) scales application delivery and security services based on consumption changes, thereby reducing operational costs.

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