Professional Services

About Radware's Professional Services

Radware's Professional Services Group is staffed by a global team of experts possessing extensive knowledge and experience in security & application delivery both in data centers and the cloud. The group offers a full range of services to design, implement, automate and optimize networks by leveraging their unparalleled knowledge of Radware’s state-of-the art security & application delivery solution suite. We are distributed globally across EMEA, APAC, and North & South America with over fifty expert members in load balancing and security solutions.

Design and Planning (Consulting)

Minimal impact on your environment and resources from the initial planning stages throughout implementation.

This service starts with a thorough review of your business goals, a network optimization assessment, application architecture and security requirements to create a comprehensive deployment plan that is tailored to your organizational IT requirements.

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Benefit from reduced deployment time with our Custom Scripting services to maximize your investment for custom configuration templates and custom scripting for leading business applications. Our Professional Services Engineers will develop scripts that will automate and ease the deployment and management of Radware devices, for example, automation of general tasks such as deployment of a new VADC or deployment of a new service.

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Ensure that your Radware product is installed and running as efficiently as possible with the help of a Radware consultant. This service provides necessary design review, product orientation, and application fine-tuning.


Frequent maintenance and assessment is key to keeping networks and applications secure from today’s threats. The Professional Services Group’s annual security assessment is Radware’s premiere offering to ensure your Radware products maintain proper integration within a customer’s overall security architecture and are optimally tuned to defend against the latest threats.

Through Radware’s Annual Assessment, Professional Service Group experts design a custom review for each network environment and unique security needs, including updated recommendations on the provisioning, configuration, and tuning of Radware products, as well as refinements to your overall network and applications, and aligning your network with proven best practices leveraging the latest intelligence. The result is demonstrably better protection of customer’s digital assets from today’s threat landscape.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Radware’s technical account manager (TAM) is a proactive consultant that implements best practices, provides guidance and optimizes networking and application resources. The TAM reviews and validates custom application - design and provides guidance during planning and implementation to help minimize risks and maximize investment.

The TAM is a single point of contact that delivers fast resolutions with project and support planning, on-going communication and trend reports.

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Resident Engineer

Radware's Resident Engineer is a proactive on-site engineer who performs operations, design & automation activities. From initial deployment to ongoing management and day-to-day operation, your Radware resident engineer will decrease the time demands on your staff, allowing you to focus on your core business. Working on-site as a member of your in-house network IT staff, your Resident Engineer has intimate knowledge about your company’s processes and requirements, network configurations and challenges and is dedicated to proactively operate Radware's solution.

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