• Attack Mitigation Solutions For SaaS Providers

  • The rapid growth experienced in the SaaS market represents a transformation in how technology is delivered, but it also represents a major increase in the risk posed by cyber-attacks. Attacks against SaaS providers can be the result of hosting valuable customer data, competitive targeting of the SaaS provider themselves, or even the result of hosting a customer who becomes a target. Regardless of the motives, the impact on these attacks can be catastrophic for a SaaS business.

  • The Challenge

    SaaS providers face a growing array of cyber security threats against maintaining service availability as well as the confidentiality and integrity of customer data. Security concerns are a barrier to adoption and use of SaaS solutions and must be addressed to win and retain customers.

    Advanced threats such as brute force attacks against applications, SQL injections that target underlying databases, or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that simply try to knock the application offline, all pose great risk to SaaS providers. Increasingly, these attacks target SaaS providers as part of a complex campaign requiring coordination across protection sets to increase visibility into the scope of the attacks and successfully protect from downtime and data loss.

    SaaS providers also face increased pressure to keep up with rules and regulations set by governments around the world. Providers need to avoid violating laws of governing geographies such as the GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, etc., and need to ensure they have the appropriate solutions in place.

    We suffered an attack that made our firewall failover but then the DefensePro kicked in and mitigated the attack within 18 seconds”

    - CISO at leading S&P-500 SaaS provider

  • The Solution

    To successfully protect their own infrastructures, ensure SLA commitment to customers and secure customer data, SaaS providers need highly scalable security solutions that can be deployed quickly and require minimal ongoing management. Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution provides proven, robust protection against advanced multi-vector threats via a full range of products, services and deployment options.

    Proactive protection against the growing array of cyber threats targeting SaaS providers

    Maintain customer trust and satisfaction levels by protecting their data

    Differentiate your SaaS solutions through enhanced security

    Leverage Radware’s experts to minimize staff time required to deploy and maintain security solutions