Cybersecurity and Application Delivery Solutions for SaaS Providers

SaaS companies provide mission-critical applications to organizations of all sizes across the globe. Subsequently, they face a number of unique business and technical challenges. This includes protecting the availability and security of their networks and applications, providing a high quality user experience, protecting sensitive data, and remaining agile in a highly competitive market.

Radware’s suite of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions enable SaaS providers to maintain business continuity and availability to meet stringent customer SLAs while securing valuable data and maintaining scalable, flexible application management.

SaaS providers face a host of challenges and concerns.

Staying Open For Business

Customers expect their applications to be available 24x7. Application availability and service levels may be degraded thanks to cyberattacks that threaten applications or due to application or ISP outages.

Protecting Data

Compliance with evolving regulations and standards, such as PCI and GDPR and how and where to store PII, are constant concerns. SaaS providers are unsure about the legalities of decrypting traffic for inspection and have not adopted protection, leaving their business open to encrypted attacks.

Agility in a Competitive Market

To stay ahead of the competition, SaaS providers require elastic and scalable application management to provide services to their current and future customers, increasing and decreasing resources as necessary to match demand. Automated solutions help SaaS providers and their customers effortlessly manage their applications.

We’ve been looking for a security partner to help our business as our needs change. We were impressed with Radware’s level of expertise during our solution design and the level of attention provided throughout the service testing and implementation."

- Sr. Networking Director, SaaS Provider

Safeguard your organization and deliver a superior customer experience.

Ensure Business Continuity

Radware’s security solutions leverage hybrid protection that combines on-premise mitigation with cloud-based scrubbing centers and includes SSL attack mitigation for defense against encrypted attacks. Radware’s application delivery solutions allow SaaS providers to ensure SLAs and automate and scale application security and management.

Radware’s Emergency Response Team compliments SaaS providers’ in-house security expertise and is available 24x7 for proactive security support for customers facing a broad array of application- and network-layer attacks.


Protect Your Digital Assets

Radware’s WAF solutions ensure security of mission-critical web applications by using machine-learning algorithms to provide comprehensive protection against the OWASP Top 10, IoT botnets, API vulnerabilities, and other threats.

Radware Bot Manager detects and prevents sophisticated bots from carrying out application DDoS, account takeover, and stealing confidential data and financial fraud. Bot Manager leverages patented intent-based deep behavior analysis technology and semi-supervised machine learning to identify humanlike, sophisticated bots.

Flexible, Scalable SaaS Application Delivery

Radware helps SaaS providers to cost-effectively deliver and scale applications while remaining protected with solutions that work seamlessly within virtual and software-defined environments. Radware’s ADC provides scalability and automation. Using a Global Elastic License, SaaS providers can purchase the exact ADC capacity needed for their business while providing complete flexibility on how to distribute it across applications, data centers, instances and cloud environments.

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