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API Protection

Secure APIs to Protect Data and Applications.

Protecting APIs in a Dynamic and Interconnected Environment

Application development and delivery environments are more amorphic and elastic than ever before, bringing together independent components that interoperate and facilitate secure application delivery. The cement of these emerging architectures are APIs that allow data exchange, integration and automation. APIs are in use for back-end systems, microservices, mobile apps, serverless architectures and event-driven processes. As a result, it’s critical to safeguard exposed APIs from an array of cyberthreats, such as data theft, data manipulation, account takeover attacks, and more.

Cybersecurity for API Protection

To ensure APIs are secure, Radware provides a dedicated API protection solution that is part of a comprehensive web application security architecture to ensure the security of apps, APIs, development platforms and infrastructure.

It maps the API attack surface by leveraging an automated discovery algorithm to discover APIs and generate tailored security policies to detect and block API-focused attacks in real time. It also uses a combination of access controls, data leakage prevention, bot management and DoS mitigation tools to protect against the growing array of API security threats.

Download the API Protection Datasheet

Comprehensive API Protection

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive Solution

Protect all aspects of the API against a broad scope of API threats, including data leakage, denial of service, automated threats (bots), embedded attacks, etc.

State-Of-The-Art Protection

State-Of-The-Art Protection

Accurate auto-policy generation based on both positive and negative security models that continuously optimizes security policies and eliminates false positives

API Auto Discovery

API Auto Discovery

Adaptive protection for both documented and undocumented API discovery requiring no application or security expertise

Consistent & Agnostic Security

Consistent & Agnostic Security

Same security technology engine and policy applied across any environment – data centers, private and public cloud – and architectures.

What is API Protection?

Watch this Radware Minute episode with Radware’s Uri Dorot to learn what APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are, what cyber threats they are exposed to, why it is so important to protect your organization’s APIs and what to look for when evaluating API protection solutions.

Malicious Bots

Distinguishing Malicious Bots from Good Bots Is Critical to Securing APIs

Despite their rapid and widespread deployment, APIs remain poorly protected against the rise of automated threats. Learn about the dangers of API bot attacks and the best ways to defend against them.

Download Keeping APIs Secure from Bot Cyberattacks

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