Client-side Protection

Client-Side Protection

Secure end users from attacks embedded in your application supply chain.

Protect Your Browser Side from Your Supply Chain

Cybercriminals are targeting an unmonitored source for personal and financial data: the application supply chain. This includes the dozens of automatically trusted third-party services embedded in your application environments that can expose user-entered addresses, credit card numbers and more.

Protect the data path between end users’ browsers and third-party services by extending Radware’s blanket of security to your application supply chain. Our advanced client-side protection keeps your customer data safe—and your reputation intact.

Secure Your End Users with Client-side Protection

client side protection
  • Protect against supply-chain attacks like Magecart, formjacking, skimming, and DOM XSS

  • Discover third-party services automatically and continuously with detailed activity tracking

  • Receive real-time alerts and threat-level assessments according to multiple indicators

  • Prevent data leakage by blocking destinations that are unknown or have illegitimate parameters

  • Block malicious scripts only. We’ll never stand in the way of your vital JavaScript services

Discover Radware’s Client-side Protection Advantage

Continuous Visibility

Continuous Visibility

Discover third-party services through detailed tracking and threat alerts

Browser-side Security

Browser-side Security

Stop Magecart (skimming) attacks, formjacking, and supply chain exploits

Data Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage Prevention

Block untrusted destinations, parameters, and DOM-based XSS

Surgical Enforcement

Surgical Enforcement

Stop malicious scripts and services without blocking legitimate activity

End-to-end Protection

End-to-end Protection

Automatically discover, assess, and mitigate threats before they attack

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